Expert workshops by Group-IB

28 November
Singapore, Andaz by Hatt Hotel, 5 Fraser Street
Analysis of Automated Lateral Movement Techniques Used in the Wild
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Get a step ahead of APT groups: threat hunting and incident response Techniques
Practical Methods of Measuring the ROI for Online Brand Protection
When integrating brand protection strategies into any business, it is crucial to present a justified return on investment to the financial team. It is at this stage that our colleagues often encounter difficulties in calculating the level of damage caused by online brand abuse. We have developed a comprehensive ROI calculation method that takes into account an extended set of scalable indicators and shows how, in most cases, investments in online brand protection pay off.
Threat actors attack organizations in the Asia-Pacific region to steal both money and sensitive data (personal data, trade secrets, certificates, etc.), and use this information in supply-chain attacks, including the infection of product upgrades offered by companies. During the master class, you will be part of a cyber army whose goal is to identify different scenarios enacted in a network by state-sponsored groups such as Lazarus, Winnti, APT41, APT28 and OceanLotus. The network will be full of indicators but only a skilled specialist is able to piece together the whole picture—and that specialist is you! The master class will cover threat hunting and incident response techniques that reveal exploitation and persistence mechanisms and correlate different types of data containing traces of old responses, penetration testing, red teaming, false positives, and devices infected occasionally.
The WannaCry epidemic marked a new era of malware evolution. The compromise of just one device can now lead to an almost immediate breach of the entire network through automated exploitation of vulnerabilities and system administration tools.

Under the guidance of a master class trainer, you will analyze several automated lateral movement tools, learn about modern techniques (such as PowerShell script distribution through vulnerable MS SQL servers), and analyze the persistence methods used by these tools.
November 28
Early bird registration (till 10 October) – 400 SGD
Early bird registration (till 10 October) – 400 SGD
Early bird registration (till 10 October) – 400 SGD
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Join our master class if you want to:
  • Develop a profound understanding of how to measure the impact of online brand abuse on your business;
  • Know the differences between methods of measuring direct and indirect losses;
  • Study specific cases of brand abuse from various industries and see its impact on revenue;
  • Apply the acquired knowledge immediately and calculate possible and actual losses resulting from online brand abuse for your business
Vitaly Trifonov
Deputy Head of Digital Forensic Lab, Group-IB
Vesta Matveeva
Head of cyber investigation department, Group-IB
Ilya Rozhnov
Head of Brand Protection Deputy, Group-IB
Early bird registration (till 10 October) –
400 SGD
Early bird registration (till 10 October) –
400 SGD
Early bird registration (till 10 October) –
400 SGD
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